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Bella Spa / Direction

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Bella Spa is located at number 40 Fountain street, 2nd Floor Suite, Oddfellows House Building, Postcode: M2 2BE in the heart of Manchester city centre.

Bella Spa is 1' walk from busy Market Street, the alley opposite Debenhams' main entrance and on the side street behind Primark. We are within 5' walks from Piccadilly Gardens, 10' walk from Piccadilly train station in Manchester. 

If you are in front of Primark and the EE phone shop located on the main Market Street, the alley between Primark entrance and EE phone shop opposite Debenhams' main entrance is called Fountain street.

As soon as you enter into the Fountain street, if  you see Pizza Hut on your right, pass Pizza Hut, the Shakespeare Pub and leave Primark behind your back, you are on the right direction. Keep walking forward until you see the Cash Store on your right side, we are only 2 blocks away from the Savouries cafe next after you pass the Cash Store and the Newsagent on the same side. Look out for our Bella Spa signage in Blue Colour on the pavement on your right size, you will spot Bella Spa salon easily. 

Kindly press the button 01* on our intercom system, Bella Spa staff will buzz you in. 

Our nearest bus and tram station is Market street bus or tram stop which is 1' walk to our salon and Piccadilly Garden bus station is only 5' walking distance.