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Pamper Packages

Gel Extension and Sculpting

Sculpting Gel is an exceptionally durable gel treatment that nurtures the nail bed whilst allowing the nail to look immaculate. Sculpting Gel gives you the option of extending your nails using Gelish or Bio hard gel or soakable gel with the sculpting form. With the sculpture procedure, neither glue, false tip nor primer is used enabling your healthy nail maintenance. 

At Bella Spa, we are only one of very few salon in Manchester city centre specialising in this technique as we know what it means by having your desired long nails without the worry of a weak and damaged nails when it comes to nail extension services. Opposite to the traditional acrylic nail extension which relies heavily on the direct filing on the nail service, glue adhesive, primer and a fake tip, Sculpting Gel is a step forward using the gel texture with a sculpting form; the rest is all about our sculpting technique that makes your nail extension durable, natural looking and non-damaging.

Sculpting Gel Extension, a healthier gel extension using the sculpting form and gel builder to extend the lenghth of your natural nails.  Alternatively, if your nails are brittle, flaky and weak and you would like a nice, healthy gel overlay manicure, Gelish Structure Gel gives your nails a strong foundation for gel colour to last.  Amazing facts about this service is your nail will not be damaged like the way acrylic nails are applied. Gel Sculpting is long lasting, hard wear and can be achieved with natural looking for office people or can be peformed to enhance the glamorous look on your nails. 


More info £59.00